Passion tickets please: I’ll take ALL of them

Chrigu from X-stream in Switzerland bought out all the movie tickets for Passion.
He says, in the comments section of Reinhold’s blog,

“Today we bought two full movie presentations at the biggest movie theater in Thun (Switzerland). We felt that God wants us to buy all the tickets, and give them to our church members, encouraging them to invite their friends (V.I.P’s). After the movie we’ll have a microphone and one of us will preach.The cool thing is that we’re from GPMC (Housechurch movement), FEG Steffisburg and X-stream. Thursday, 25 March and Tuesday 30 March”

Now thats X-stream! Almost as x-stream as Reinhold’s war against Fed-Ex who sent his computer to South Africa and not Switzerland. Reinhold’s map of FedEx Geography (from an American perspective) is worth a click thru.


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