Mordecai had a mullet

Reinhold, whose blog has been rocking over the last 2 weeks (i have been checking it) asks about mullets.
Mullets are the mohawks of the new millenium. A mullet is a hairstyle that is short in the front and long in the back (bi-level). David Bowie kicked off the trend over 20 years ago and it is now a part of retro 80’s culture to have one, even though they are really ugly and a badge of the white-trash culture.
Interesting thing is that the bi-level was the preferred hairstyle of ancient Persian rulers, leading me to believe that Mordecai, mentor of Esther in the Biblical book of Esther, had a mullet.
Mulletsgalore is the web site of choice.


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  • I’m usually not one to shamelessly flog my own blog on somebody else’s, but I’m willing to make an exception!
    I recently received the ultimate comment on a mullet post I wrote almost a year ago. Check out Hockey Hair. The link to the article is now dead, but you have to read the comment from Big Al. It sums up the joy of the mullet – I laughed for a week.

  • When we were in college, my wife and I came to Seattle (where we now live) on a mission trip. One of the things we did was volunteer at a food bank. While packaging food, I talked with a young man who was doing the same thing for community service.
    He explained that his job was to walk around downtown Seattle with a digital camera and photograph interesting mullets. They paid him $20 each. I think the site was (now defunct – go figure). The best one was a female neo-Nazi mullet (shaved head and all).
    Go Mordecai.

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