“i hate the emerging church”

Speaking of emering church, i came across a group of churches in USA that were really really organic. They shifted the house meeting every time they met to allow mixed leadership. They had a big focus on food (even wrote their own cookbooks) and there commitment level to each other was so strong that insurance policies were not needed. The churches i am describing are the Armish of Lancaster, Penn.
Ha – got ya!!!. But is it true that many of our “emerging values” are already in the Amish churches. Now dont trade in the car for a horse just yet; I was just thinking out loud.
Jason Clark listed some values of emerging church and Dan has some thoughts also at Signposts – a post called “I hate the emerging church” is worth a read. He ends up this way:

– It should describe something about us positively – what is it that we feel that the “emerging churches” share as characteristics?
– It should suggest a plural – it should suggest diversity and different experience and understanding
– it should allow for co-existence with established or traditional churches – how else can we invite the traditional church to share in our journey?
Well said.


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Jason Clark says:

    Thanks for the link Andrew, I’m now at http://jasonclark.emergent-uk.org

  • I hate the Emerging Church thoughts

    Andrew Jones on his thoughts on hating the Emerging church and some links to some other churches.

  • Iggie Krug says:

    If Sexism,Discrimination, and forced Child Labor is what the EC is looking for I think you are on the right track. However, many good things could be learned from them. Having lived with the Amish for more than six months I can say that you don’t want to repeat their mistakes. Separation from the world by a pride so thick that they think that all other Christians will perish.
    Why do you want to repeat these mistakes. Women are treated like property. Outsiders are treated like less than humans. The EC is atleast open to woman leadership and closing the class and gender gap. I don’t think very many of the Amish are. Some are very prejudice to disabled,different races,and especially to women.

  • Amish, Emerging Church and Community

    I visited the Amish community twice in Jamesport missouri and they are really fascinating peoples (and very nice too..). What Andrew said is true these guys have a strong sense of community and We have a lot to learn from

  • Iggie Krug says:

    They also disallow creative thought and pursuit of education. Drawing is frowned upon. Even look down on all sorts of things. What exactly were you trying to say about the Amish it doesnt make sense to me.
    Please clarify Andrew.

  • tammy says:

    on the bright side, i believe that one reason for the mennonites being so open to emregent ideas is that they have amish roots. emergent stuff rings true to them, somewhere deep in their history.

  • Iggie Krug says:

    Actually the Amish and the Mennonites split because the Amish believed the Mennonites were heading down a bad path. In fact the Amish excommunicated the entire Mennonite Church.
    Talk about good relations.

  • stephen said says:

    often people will say something to me about my association at forge that goes along the lines of “you guys on the cutting edge, with the latest and greatest”, my response is that not the case at all. if forge and our work is guilty of anything, it is of rediscovering the pre constantinian church roots. there is afterall nothing new under the sun. i would suggest that the only difference between the early church and the emerging church is that we are in a POST christian age, where the “pagans” of our day believe they have heard, understood and rejected the message.

  • tammy says:

    the amish and mennonite split, but the mennonites kept lots of the amish values. they just couldn’t admit it for a long time …. i know cause i’m one of them! 😀

  • andrew says:

    tom sine was speaking last night here in london and he mentioned the Mennonite practise of believers sharing their proposed budgets and tithing levels for the year for other church members to speak into. i think it is this financial aspect of community life that some of us are missing out on. And, Iggie, you know that we both can find good things in other fields without adopting everything.

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