vj software or video editing?

J. wants to know about VJ programs vs. video editing for his youth pastor.

Hi J.
your youth pastor wants ambient video wallpaper that does not distract from his message, or from whatever else is going on, but rather adds a vital and prophetic layer to it. He also wants to layer his words or announcements on top of the video.
My software does this. I use arkaos for Mac and am really happy with it. Because it is designed for club scenes and parties, I have to slow down all the effects and bland out the cheesy colors. I can do this easily and have complete control over the clips, effects and transitions.

For PC, I would check out Pilgrim, or one of the newer VJ programs. Take a look at vjcentral and read what people think of the various software and hardware. You can also buy used gear from this site.
Adobe Aftereffects is Ok to create a few effects and titles, or to get your video into some good QT loops, but it is not adequate for presenting video on the screen. You will end up making long videos and adding the effects will take forever. The advantage of VJ software is that it gives you absolute full control over what shows, and you add the effects you want when you want them. You don’t need to chase the video.

The VJ software programs allow you to link the video and effects to either your computer keyboard, or a midi device (I have Oxygen 8 multimedia midi player that I can play video from)

I will blog this and maybe you will get a few helpful comments


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  • scott says:

    i use v.jing software myself and often mutiple screens. currently run prologue – sunday plus and mediashout. they both allow on the fly editing, word over video projection and one click multiple video sourcing

  • tkmax says:

    have a look at VJamm its the best VJ software around – highest frames rates and resolution and most stable.
    VJamm Pro

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