Jerusalem, Jerusalem

This is a picture of Mike Riddell and yes, he really IS that ugly – i met him in person a few months ago, and have 4 of his books on my shelf. In fact, I had been waiting for many years to meet him so it was quite an honor.
Daniel Miller and Dan Hughes have been reading Mike Riddell’s play Jerusalem Jerusalem during the week. Like Daniel, I saw the final performance of this play at Greenbelt festival in August. Well, truthfully, I was standing at the back with Brian Maclaren, because we came late, and there were too many people. We couldn’t hear much from the back so maybe I will download the script and read it.

Warning: Riddell’s play has much profanity, since the poet JK Baxter, who the play is about, used a colourful New Zealand dialect, many of the words translating directly into English and with the same amount of force, and Mike didn’t choose to dumb it down to pacify the church people.
Extra warning: Both Daniel and Dan Hughes also employ a lot of strong language to drive home their points. Church people enter at your own risk.
Observation: Maybe Daniel and Dan really like Mike and JK Baxter because the four of them all speak the same language.

Mike and his team had just performed the play at the Edinburgh Fringe Fest (I was there in 2000). Good on ya Mike!

And darkness in the light. It was you who taught me that, Eugene. You and Merton, helping me to let go and fall endlessly into the black chasm of God. I never dreamt it could be so deep. I’ve had to ask him to be gentle with me, like a virgin bride. His pain and emptiness frighten me sometimes. But I have nowhere else to go.”


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