I’m a Panther Man

I just installed OS 10.3 on my ibook and am now an official Panther Man. Now I can use a heap of software that has been waiting for me. Very exciting!!!


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  • It’s odd, I test drove Panther on a friends computer for a couple of hours ago and I really liked it. I just wish the amount of open source and freeware I rely on so much was affordable for OSX. I would love to be the next dude who switched. Until then I will be happy with Windows 98 on my notebook and XP on the desktop.

  • Darren Rowse says:

    how is it Andrew? Worth the upgrade?
    I’m toying with the idea…but not sure I can afford it. Interested in your experience of the next few days with it.

  • Andrew says:

    Worth it?
    Of course. I never upgraded to 10.2 so have been running 10.1.5 for ages and many of my toys (bluetooth) and free software needed 10.2 or higher.
    Most important is Kung-log that I may use for posting blogs.

  • davidt says:

    Panther rocks! I got it the education discount. I only wish ProToolsLE would hurry up and come out with a Panther update. I recommend it.

  • Darren Rowse says:

    i am already on 10.2….hmmm…will have to save some pennies…
    btw what is Kung log?

  • Jon Reid says:

    In a house with multiple users on a single computer (Daddy, Mommy, and Kids), the fast user switching on Panther alone has been worth the upgrade. You want to use the computer? Sure, go ahead, I’ll just leave everything I’m doing right where it is. Once you’re done, I’ll switch back to me, and I’m right back where I was. …Besides, the animation of switching between users is too cool.

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