Entrepreneurs or Leaders?

The USA is lagging behind in social innovation and social enterprise rather than leading, suggests a well-researched post released in June by Timothy Ogden. Almost all of the world-changing innovations from from the developing world and very few from USA, despite the money poured into them. Reasons for this, Ogden suggests, have to do with…

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Emerging Church Jello Begins its Wobbly Descent

Soooooo the emerging church jello plastered on the walls of historical memory by uninformed critics finally begins its slow, wobbly descent, revealing that not all that was said about emerging church leaders was accurate . . .  as I have been saying for a LONG TIME. Here's some quotes you might appreciate: "I don’t attend…

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25 Years and Still Lovin’ It

I am interrupting my current blog break to make an announcement . . . Today marks 25 years for me in global ministry. Thats a SILVER ANNIVERSARY!!! On May 24th, 1985, I was flying overseas on my first short term mission. I was 21 years old and had completed a few years of Bible College.…

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Anglicans in the Global South: 80/20

Chris Sudgen of Anglican Mainstream shared this morning on email: “The Global South Communique speaks of the Global South being “the vast majority of the active membership of the Anglican Communion”. A review of the statistics available would bear this out and gives a percentage of about 80 percent. On the Anglican Communion Office website…

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John MacArthur on Exponential

No, John MacArthur is not, I repeat NOT, at the Exponential conference and if he was, he wouldn’t be headed off for a beer with all you backsliders! But if you want to really know about the heart of the exponential idea, I suggest you listen to John MacArthur’s superb message last week at TG42010…

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Chuck Swindoll on the emerging church

I just left a comment on Chuck Swindoll’s blog. Dang! I didn’t know he even had a blog until now. Its called Insight for Living, like his ministry. The man is a LEGEND and I have read so many of his books its ridiculous. He was also my pastor in the 80’s and my wife…

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Green shoots are sprouting everywhere

“I do not trust SPECTACULAR things. Give me the seed growing secretly every time.” Roland Allen ———————————————– “Did you know that couch grass and potatoes, and other rhizome based organisms, do not reproduce? Instead they find dark empty places and export their roots into them, maintaining unity, but allowing growth and new life. If there…

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Exponential 2010: Attend or Avoid?

Exponential promotes itself as “the largest gathering of church planters on the planet”. I was there a few years ago. It REALLY IS large, just like it says, and a great networking experience. Lots of my friends were there including some bloggers. REASONS TO ATTEND EXPONENTIAL 2010 1. Its a fun event and extremely well…

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Southwestern on Emerging Church

Listening to a recent chapel series at Southwestern Seminary where they tackle emerging church. The Grindstone – Ministry and Culture: a Discussion on the Emerging Church (Part 1)  [Listen] (Part 2)  [Listen] The Grindstone – Christianity and Culture: emerging, emergent, or what? (Part 1)  [Listen] (Part 2)  [Listen] My notes. Good to see them tackle this subject. Contextualization is…

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7 Global Currents That Are Shaping the Future Church

I am featuring this post today because I am in Richmond, VA, and am about to spend an enjoyable day with Fritz Kling, author of "The Meeting of the Waters" and founder of Kling Philanthropy Group. Original Post: Feb 2010 Fantastic book comes out in a few days called "The Meeting of the Waters: 7…

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Accounting for Fundamentalisms

In treating the subject of fundamentalism, the authors write as scholars with firsthand exposure to the movements, emphasizing the internal dynamics and processes by which the movements construct their own realities rather than “accounting” for the “sources” which has been the fatal tactic of many EC critics.

They see fundamentalism as a dynamic process, something more dynamic than static, a “movement that unfolds over time.”

They also view fundamentalism from the macro, considering it as part of a wider field of competing movements, “existing in dynamic tension with its various detractors and competitors.” Today we would probably use the terms “complexity” and “systems thinking” to describe their strategy.

Their conclusion is that fundamentalism arose in the beginning of the twentieth century because institutions were weaker, the grass-roots individuals were conditioned to attend church, a heterogenous society allowed for new social niches, economic prosperity was channelled into religious structures which gave them publishing houses, colleges and mission boards as well as trained clergy and scholars who could articulate the movement’s key emphases. The movement was not so much a rejection of modernity, although some elements of modernity were selectively rejected, but in fact the new and changing conditions of modernity created new opportunities for the movement to take hold and grow.

Fascinating stuff. At least I thought so. The old guy on the train didn’t ask me to elaborate on the book so maybe its not everyone’s cup of tea. But I do appreciate the work of Wuthnow and Lawson from their chapter “Sources of Christian Fundamentalism in the United States” and I hope that scholars examining the new church and mission movements today will take a page from their book.

Related on TSK: When I heard Karen Armstrong speak on fundamentalism

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Redeemer City to City and Missional Stuff

Redeemer City to City is the new name and new look for Redeemer’s Church Planting Center. Check out the new web site. What you may not know is that one of the many wonderful people that have featured on my blog for the last . . . shoot . . almost a decade . .…

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Al Mohler Tops the Religion Blogs

Dr Albert Mohler is a big man on radio, behind the pulpit, in the classroom, in the biggest office of one of the biggest Seminaries in the world, and also on the blogosphere. In fact he has just topped the blogosphere with the leading religion blog according to Technorati rankings. I know this because I…

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5 Biggest Church Planting Mistakes

Biggest Church Planting Mistakes: 1. Rushing ahead 2. Underestimating the cost 3. Violating the Sabbath 4. Hanging on too long 5. Not having a coach From “Most common mistakes church planters make” by Shawn Lovejoy and David Putnam, both of ChurchPlanters.com HT: iGod, AndrewSD is a Vineyard pastor who blogs. The Vineyard UK are preparing…

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Mark Driscoll goes to Haiti

My old friend Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church went to Haiti with James MacDonald. They recorded some footage that I look forward to seeing. Well done Mark! The first video is here on YouTube but I expect much more to come. He also got interviewed by USA Today where he speaks out against the…

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