Anglicans in the Global South: 80/20

Chris Sudgen of Anglican Mainstream shared this morning on email:

The Global South Communique speaks of the Global South being “the vast majority of the active membership of the Anglican Communion”. A review of the statistics available would bear this out and gives a percentage of about 80 percent.

On the Anglican Communion Office website the number is given as 80 million. This cannot be the case given a proper understanding of the figures for the Church of England. Of these 80 million, 26 million are reckoned to be with the Church of England. The Church of England official statistics gives the total attendance for all ages on Christmas Eve / Christmas Day 2008 as 2.6 million. ( see So the real total for the Anglican Communion needs to be reduced by at least 20 million.”

Read on for numbers in the global south:

Nigeria   20 million

Uganda     8,782,821   2002 Census

Kenya        5,000,000   ACK website

Southern Africa 3 million to 4 million   ACSA website Say 3.5 million

Church of South India 3.8 million   Wikipedia

Church of North India 1,250,000    Wikipedia

Tanzania   2,5 million Wikipedia

Rwanda   1 million

West Africa 1 million

West Indies 770,000 Lambeth Directory 1998

Pakistan   800,000 Wikipedia and Lambeth Directory 1998

Indian Ocean 120,000 Anglican Communion website

Burundi 425,000 Lambeth Directory

Central Africa 600,000 Lambeth Directory

Congo   300,000 Lambeth Directory

Myanmar 49,000 Lambeth Directory

South East Asia 98,000 Wikipedia

Jerusalem and Middle East 10,000

The total of the above is 50,004,821

The totals for other provinces are

Australia 3,903,324 (Anglican Communion Website)

New Zealand   584,793 (Anglican Communion website)

CofE 2.6 million (Cof E statistics)

USA 2,285,000 worldwide   Wikipedia

Canada   2,035,500    Wikipedia

Ireland 410,000    Lambeth Directory

Scotland 53,000     Lambeth Directory

Total 11,871,617

Combined totals   61,876,438

As a percentage the Global South is 80 per cent.


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.

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