Special Gift for Monthly Supporters

Ohhhh that was so much fun!!!!!!!!! My special gift for monthly supporters of our mission during 2017. This is what I said:

“I am inviting you for a 5-day holiday with me and my family. I will take care of accommodation and food and will pick you up from the airport and drop you off. All you need to pay for is the airfare.

You can do this in San Francisco where you will stay with our family in Pacifica. There is a studio outside and its very cute. You can even see the ocean.

Or come to Prague, Czech Republic. My family might not be there but I will and you can meet the Christian community that is our European base. You can either stay in our motorhome (its a high step up actually and not comfortable) or stay in the small stone hermitage they have just built.

I will be in San Francisco for much of the year and will be in Prague a number of times during 2018, particularly the first few weeks of July.

Its up to you. The important thing is that you feel blessed and appreciated because you are. And it would be nice to meet you in person so lets work it out. ”

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