Shall we blog again?

As you know, I shut down this blog nearly 2 years ago and yet I am still getting comments and emails on issues that appear to be relevant regarding HPV jabs, Emergent Village meltdown, the state of the global emerging church despite having moved on from the name, etc
If I restarted this blog, right here, would anyone be interested In discussing these thing to try to find solutions, resolutions, and possible ways forward!


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  • i loved the blogged and particularly the wider global perspective on emerging church. I wonder though now in the myriad of voices what get heard, in the UK i am playing with a think tank idea called cmpfire to get a bit more traction into theological and political circles and you would be a valuable part of the team.

  • I would definitely subscribe and learn and opine to myself. I am not confident I’m persuaded OR persuasive enough to offer helpful or well argued comments so may not do that. But, in fact, I have just now subscribed in case you do start again. I bet most people aren’t reading here after so long, so it might take a little bit for the responses to get going but it will soon get around.

  • Weird, I just randomly clicked here for the first time in years today. I’ve wondered the same thing about restarting my blog. Haven’t really touched it in three or four years with a few exceptions. When I started it was 2005 and I was leaving the Assemblies of God, looking for a different way. Now I’m a member of the United Church of Christ, and married to one of their ministers. The most liberal church in America, and it’s lovely in so many ways… but they aren’t really sure what to do with Jesus. Or the Holy Spirit.
    What do you want to talk about?
    I think you and I met in Portland, Oregon in maybe 2005 or 2006…

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