Multi-media gospel preaching from 1892

Wordless book 1892 china

The “Wordless Book” being used in open air preaching. From the book “China’s Millions”. Found by Matt Stone. Nice find, Matt!!!!


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  • Rick Meigs says:

    Reminded me of the carved Totems used by missionaries to the Northwest coastal Indian tribes to tell the gospel story. Cool stuff.

  • Gordon Gray says:

    I recall my parents using this in China in the mid-late 1940s. The bottom colour (which looks brownish in the jpg is actually gold.

  • Jason says:

    Very cool. Many lessons to be learned from our past, this is a good example.

  • Janet Nieves says:

    I remember the song IF. Truly, the picture above says it all. This doesn’t need any words just for the readers to understand the thought.

  • Today preaching true television, internet and multimedia is very rampant. Religious groups believes that through this they can spread their church and of course the word of God in big crowd entire the world.

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