King Tut and his ear plugs

I took my daughters to the Cairo Museum where King Tut’s treasures lay on the upper floor. And they made an historic discovery of Indiana Jones proportion:

King tut ear plug

They noticed that King Tut’s mask had large holes in his ear lobes and pictures of him confirmed that he did indeed have stretched holes that were worthy of plugs.

The next leg of our excavation was to discover where his ear plugs were hidden. Unlike Indie, we did not have to dig through sand and avoid Nazis in our excavation. We simply walked over to the jewelry display and searched until we found some large, round pieces of jewelry that looked the same width as the holes in his ears.

Which we did. Large round blue earrings with a slight opening, just enough gap to slip over an earlobe.

Obviously we will need to confirm our findings with Egypt’s best archeologists. But in the meantime, we are feeling pretty good about our discovery. Initial consultations lead me to believe that young Egyptian boys had earrings but not when they were older. This makes sense because young Tutankhamen died quite young, as a result of malaria, in fact. According to my Egyptologist friend Ibrahim.

My 16 year old daughter has much larger holes in her lobes than King Tut and the plugs are proportionately bigger. In fact they are bigger than my plug which is not small.

A few years ago, when she asked if she could have her nose pierced, I responded with a challenge:

“Tell me the first girl in the BIble with a nose piercing and you can do it.”

Less than an hour later she returned with the answer: Rebecca, Genesis 24.

Another passage in the Bible mentions nose piercing when God tells his people how he made them beautiful in his eyes:

“I also put a ring in your nostril, earrings in your ears and a beautiful crown on your head.” Ezekiel 16:12

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