Blog a Koran Day. Sep 11, 2011

Last year I started something in response to all the Koran burning nonsense. Instead of “Burning a Koran” I encouraged you to “Blog a Koran” or find a quote from the Koran that you think is meaningful. My post on Sep 11 was called Water for Pilgrims.

This year, I will be posting from a Muslim country. Please join me by quoting a passage from the Koran followed by your respectful perspective on that passage. Leave a link to your blog in the comments below and I will aggregate the links. THANKS!


Blog a koran script


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  • Hey I love the blog a Koran day concept!!
    Sorry I couldn’t find a contact form, so just wanted to drop you a line about the below.
    I know this is not something you would normally do- but please consider.
    We are running a new style of fund-raiser with World Vision for the Horn of Africa famine.
    All people have to do to help raise money is blog, we give away all the ad revenue.
    Would you consider doing one blog post or one Facebook post about this? Please let me know if you would like more details.
    Kind regards

  • I’m the worst organiser in the world, and a very irregular blogger with not a very big audience, so I’m notb the one to organise such a thing.
    But I’ll try to write a contribution. I’m not that versed in the Koran, but it’ll be good to investigate it some more in preparation of such a post.
    peace to you and the whole jonesberries gang, and blessings to you and the people in the muslim country!!!

  • give me a break. blog a koran verse on september 11. how about blog prayers that God will give dreams and revelations of jesus to the muslims who believe a book that is not true.

  • David, dreams and revelations are happening and thats great. But normally people prefer to have face to face conversations about these things. When your Muslim neighbors want to discuss spiritual things and ask you if you have read the Koran, you will not have much credibility if you have not opened it. Here is a chance for you.

  • This year is the tenth anniversary of the Twin Towers attack. To remember, forgive and work towards peace we are celebrating this on Awareness Sunday.
    This is great what you are doing Andrew. We trust many more people will be working towards educating and increasing awareness of other faiths especially building bridges between Christianity and Islam.
    Here is the link:

  • you could have picked a better day then 9-11. this is a day when muslims hijacked a plane and flew into buildings. i think u are forgetting that families lost their loved ones over this book. blog a koran day should not be on 9-11.

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