Violet Burning: The Story of our Lives

One or our favourite bands, The Violet Burning, arrived in Prague in preparation for Colours of Ostrava, Czech Republic’s largest music festival. We often meet up with this band on various occasions and various countries and always have a great time. Last night, the band came over to our ‘van down by the river’ for our regular Friday Pizza Party and i talked to Michael Pritzl (pictured left) about the new album, The Story of our Lives.

Violet burning at jones pizza party


The Violet Burning is one of the bands I admire most for their integrity, something that undergrids their music production and distribution and every aspect of what they do.

Violet burning red

THE STORY OF OUR LIVES:Liebe über Alles, Black as Death, and TH3 FANT^5T1C MACH1N3 was dreamed for 5 years and took 3 years to create, Michael told me. 34 original songs in a concept album containing 3 discs. The artwork is stunning. Some of the black and white photos were taken with out-of-date film to achieve a uniquely goth-industrial look.

Violet burning story of our lives

We played it all through today. Absolutely amazing. I am not a music critic but to me, the softer songs carry shades of Bowie, Joseph Arthur, Neil Young (Where do we belong?). The harder songs are Cure-like with shades of Floyd [original concept album] and typical of The Violet Burning passion.  All amazing music but placed in a concept album, it becomes a musical journey, a pilgrimage of sound and words, an experience.

Violet burning tv screens

Philosophically, Michael has thought a lot about our interaction with machines, the internet, and how are minds are being shaped by a new big brother. There is a lot of deep thinking that backs up the lyrics, music and art. It’s music for thinking people. Totally recommended.

– If you want to support their European mission this summer, you can donate here.

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– At Colours of Ostrava Festival 2009, Violets also did a gig in a church venue after their big stage set and apparently it was amazing. Video here.


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