A worship service your city will not forget

Last night in Dresden we did something pretty cool for the evening worship at Kirchentag. This one, called Evening Blessing – sound and light, ¬†should be added to Jonny Baker’s worship tricks. I’m pretty sure your church will want to try it one day. Its really easy. I will explain how to do it.

First of all you need to light up your city buildings with funky colours. You might need permission.

Kirchentag city lights

Fire up half a dozen huge balloons and let them hover over the city so that everyone can see something is happening.

Kirchentag balloon

Then get 100,000 people to hold candles and position them on both sides of the river.

Kirchentag candles us

And also the Jones family to hold candles.

Kirchentag evening lights 1

A solar powered cross is a nice measure. And so is some Gregorian-sounding music pumped out through big speakers. If you can, have a famous musician write something special for the occasion. We were lucky enough to have Sven Helbig compose “There will your heart be also” for us last night and vocals were provided by the Concentas Vocalis choir from St Lukas.

Kirchentag evening worship lights 3

And for the final touch, put 150,000 floating candles in the water and let the current carry them down the river.

And thats it! A great way to host an outdoor worship service that your city will never forget.

What do you think, Jonny? Good enough for your worship tricks?


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