39 nations at the emerging leaders roundtable

I am looking forward to seeing my Brazillian friends in a few weeks in USA. We are part of a global network that has been meeting for over ten years now. Leaders from about 39 nations are expected to be at the next event which we are holding inside Cornerstone Festival. Trevor from Canada has some history of these roundtable events. Its always been an invitation only event and its always been done on a TINY budget – which is why we generally camp out at a festival rather than do the hotel and restaurant thing which is way out of reach for most of the leaders here.

The Brazillians [NOT the noisy Pentecostal Brazillians I mentioned in the last post]  are hosting another Global Gathering in April 2012. These are great events. I think they had nearly 5000 young people at the last one in Brazil. I will do my best to be there.

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  • So good to hear about this and appreciated the link to the history of the round-tables and what they represent. Praying for such developments in the Caribbean too. Would love to be a fly on the wall!

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