PM John Key Talks and Sings at Parachute Festival

Update: 2012 Best Bet is NZ'er of the Year Sam Chapman speaking at PassionFest.

John key at parachute image

"NZ is the best little country in the world."

Rt. Hon. John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand, Parachute Festival's mainstage.

And yes, he really DID sing! PM John Key turned up this morning at Parachute Festival, which is the largest Christian event in New Zealand with 25,000 people attending . . .  so . . . it made sense for an official visit from the Gov. and some words of encouragement.

Parachute crowd listening to john key

Loads of people appreciating John Key. I wonder why Helen Clark never came?

Prime Minster Key was interviewed briefly by Parachute's Mark de Jong on his leisure pursuits (cooking), what it means to be a kiwi (to have your heart in NZ, whether you are there or not), and what NZ needs to be in ten years time (wealthier . . . and high speed broadband will help).

Agreed on all of those btw, esp. the BROADBAND which I find is slow, expensive, and difficult to find in New Zealand. Broadband was easier in Morocco for me last year than NZ.

But enough whinging . . . back to Parachute. John Key was asked to lead us in the national anthem. Which he did. Heres the audio – John Key both talking and singing along with us

John key

Please enjoy the audio because, at 28 Megs, it cost me a load of money to upload AND it took a long time. John Key was right about the broadband. I have a video also but someone else uploaded theirs on Youtube. Good. And read what Stuff had to say.

Screen shot 2011-01-30 at 08.59.38

Nice being here at Parachute!


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