Top 10 Jesus Images

When people look for an image of Jesus on Google's search engine, this is what they find. I hope international viewers are not taking them too seriously. Here are the Top 10 Google image results for "Jesus".

1. The Number 1 image is from a Choose your Jesus poll and the Buddy Christ from the movie "Dogma" comes out on top

2. Second up is an optical illusion page showing this Jesus but I am not patient enough to see the other side of the illusion.

3. Beer drinking Jesus makes number 3 on the post called  "Jesus was a booze-drinker". But we all know Jesus preferred WINE! And Google has better similar images than this one anyway.

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4. Political blog MacYapper has Number 4 image of Jesus on the post "Jesus Why They Don't Get It"

5. The author of Number 5 doesn't believe Jesus ever existed and offers this image as part of his follow up post to the original post, Jesus Myth – The Case Against Historical Christ. I disagree. I believe Jesus REALLY DID exist, and also that he rose from the dead. But he still didn't look anything like this picture.

6. Image from Daily Mail. Joe Mawle as a bloodied Jesus on BBC's controversial drama "The Passion".

7. Greg Olsen's painting of Jesus reading from the scroll on a Paintings of Jesus site. With this Google ranking, Greg could have sold his painting a thousand times over. Greg has more at his gallery but not as classy as this one.

8. The Jesus Saves image, found on this site called Light and Love, along with many other Sunday School images of Jesus, most of them slightly better than a flannel-board.

However, I did find this cool animated GIF of Jesus on the same site.

9. Classic Jesus image from a painting by Walter Sallman (1940) which is found on Sharp Iron. Apart from being a very white Western Jesus, and not very accurate, its a famous print and one that I once bought from a charity shop.

10. The Can-you-see-Jesus-in-a-dog's-butt image on the Religious Quotes and Bumper Stickers site makes Number 10.  Not much I can say about that.

Well there you are. That's the top ten images results on Google. And it might interest you to know Number 14 image on Google is actually a Jesus image on my own site. Not much better than the previous images, though.

But if you really were searching for Jesus then you might want to check out Looking for God. No images but there is a guide on how to meet him personally. I also recommend


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  • Jason says:

    I actually used to use number two on some profiles online.

  • Jessicaa says:

    You all are insulating! The 1 picture… what were they think? Alot of them don’t even know what Jesus looks like and your putting it in your own way! Some or (most) of your ways are insulting! Jesus coming from a cloud, that’s not even near the clouds that surround him! Come on people! Open your eyes for crying out loud! Use your brains for once!

  • Jade says:

    I agree with Jessica on all accounts. If you’re bored find a hobby or go pick your nose or something. Geez

  • Andrew says:

    What clouds surround him, Jessica? Please enlighten me.

  • Kai says:

    Jessica, they are using their brains. Believers aren’t. Find that more insulting?

  • Kalpana says:

    i agree wit ur point…. he(the one who uploaded this pic) doesn’t have brain to think and do the things in right that is y he insulting GOD itself…. if he feeling bore then he should upload his photo in different manner he doesn’t have right to criticize “JESUS”
    i totally hate this knid of PPl’s behaviourism….

  • Michele Stewart Lancing says:

    Jesus originates from the Middle East, most notably Bethlehem in Judea. Why do these pictures make him look more like a European man than an olive skinned, rag-headed camel jockey? Don’t get me wrong, I am all for white sepremacy but Jesus was, is and ever shall be a sand nigger.

  • Skhem_Bat says:

    God forgive thm……….

  • patrick says:

    Really? number 1,3, and 10? is that all the respect for Christianity, Jesus, the viewers of the page, and most of all yourself?

  • nithin says:

    god forgive the person who uploaded the images (1,2,3 &10) of your son, he is not aware what he is doing.

  • Rodney Dangerfield says:

    Morons…the lot of you

  • ha says:

    Use my brain? Alot? Idiot

  • yusuf says:

    jesus you are my king

  • eugenia says:

    this picture how ever has created is and idot, stupid foll beccause my jesus did not come to distroy the world by this wordly thing but he came to save u stupid people how ever has done this will be punished very badly

  • divya reddy says:

    hey stupid how dare u to insult my god i actualy wanna use all da slancesssss to abuse u but my jesus my saviour told us to pardone ppl like i must hav to knw whethr u r human r animal coz human never bhave like dis u r absolutely animal u shud agree dis fact if u r nt having any work go n smash ur head dats it y r u doing al dis kind of works wats da rite u hav to insult christianity if u r infront of me definately i wd hav kild u.trace urself in stools dat is da xact place 4 u if u repeat dis works i vl proceed legaly b careful dirty minded brute.

  • Hannah says:

    Im Christian and really proud of it and also forever thankful for the sacrifice Christ made for our sins. However since when did it become sinful to upload a picture of Jesus that’s not strictly true? Newsflash people…We don’t know what Jesus looks like! I have to agree with the comment above that says
    Kai said…
    Jessica, they are using their brains. Believers aren’t. Find that more insulting?
    By this I don’t mean by believing in Christ you don’t use your brain but by damning all controversial images to hell and their makers/bloggers/viewers with them….that makes you stupid! jesus wants us to think and question…mindless abuse of someone who doesn’t hold the smae views as you isn’t Christian, it’s BARBARIC! shame on you… this is why people hate Christians.

  • Justin says:

    let me solve this for you. “Here are the Top 10 Google image results for “Jesus”” thats all these pictures are. the guy didnt make these pics. he just posted people top 10 favorite Jesus pics. if you have a problem talk to the artists and the people that like the pics. goodbye. idiot. people always take that extra step of bullshit for god when its not even necessary.

  • Justin says:

    your intelligence rating is about as low as spelling ability

  • Justin says:

    strongly agreed. Im not a christian but i respect Christianity but i dont respect stupid people. so if they get all primitive about their beliefs im just consider them a fool. I dont converse with puppets just freethinkers. first site of religious conversations peoples ignorance always causes them to want to fight for god. there was no fight necessary. just like JESSICA just did. people are acting like animals. this is why we still kill people in our own species. shame on all of you

  • Justin says:

    shut up theres other people with other beliefs out there. i bet you make fun of other peoples beliefs. some people like to joke about jesus. get over it. your stupid rants arent gonna stop it. preach all you want people are gonna freely express themselves and freely believe what they want. GROW UP

  • Justin says:

    ignorance. people can believe something else and use their brain just as much as you. faith and thinking do not coincide. your just using your primitive nature to defend your beliefs. HEY AND MAYBE THE LOUDER YOU SCREAM THE MORE IT MAKES YOU RIGHT. no, no.

  • says:

    You know the reason why Jesus drank wine? First of all it was allowed in the Jewish culture. Secondly John the Baptist did not drink wine “For John the Baptist came neither eating bread nor drinking wine; and ye say, He hath a devil.The Son of man is come eating and drinking; and ye say, Behold a gluttonous man, and a winebibber, a friend of publicans and sinners!” Luke 7:33-34 The Holy Bible. You see that they said John had a demon in him because he didn’t drink wine. Jesus knew that if He didn’t drink wine either than they would accuse Him in the same way saying that He has a demon. However Jesus didn’t drink and with that the pharisees said that he is a friend of sinners and this might mean that He is a sinner but we know He is not because Jesus never sinned- He is God’s son. So Jesus condems the pharisees because He says well if I drank wine than you would say I have a demon. So this just points that the pharisees were trying to make the Son of God look bad and a sinner. Secondly, picture number1,3,10 are just blaspheming God’s Holy name. That is the same thing as making fun of Him. You know what it says in the Bible about blasphemers? “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.” Exodus 20:7 in the russian translation it says that God wont leave the blasphemers without punishment. God is able to forgive you because of His Son Jesus who died for the world on the cross unjustly if you ask with a honest and sincere and repented heart about your sins and your immoral life. He is able to forgive all there is left for you to do is to repent, confess that Jesus is the Son of God with your mouth and give your life to Him and obey His commandments all your life. God will take care of the rest. Remember God already has taken a step towards you by reconciling men to God and if you take the next step HE will take the next hundred. God forgive all of us and save us all. May God save all who read this and bless your life. God and Jesus are real and living. That i know is true for all the things God has done in my life. I know this without a doubt. If you are in a situation where you feel all alone and nobody seems to understand or care about your pain, whenever your down or sad come to Him and tell in prayer as if your talking to your best friend and say everything that is bothering you and on your mind and He will help you. God hears you and answers prayers. It never hurts to try even if you are doubting. God sees you, your troubles, your pain and struggle He sees you everyday in the morning and through out the day, He sees you in the night as your saying your goodbyes, He watches o’er you when you sleep and guides you through the deep,but one thing is left of you He is waiting for you to give your life to Him completely and He will be the best friend of your life.

  • Vivian says:

    I agree!

  • Vivian says:

    Nobody has the right to JUDGE except for GOD!

  • Vivian says:

    The images are for the most part beautiful. It doesn’t matter whether or not they are real. What matters is the Word of God and his teachings! I’m pretty sure that he would NOT like some of the judgemental statements from some of you. Nobody has the right to judge except for GOD! There are a lot of religions out there in the world and many have different beliefs and different ways of practicing those beliefs but most have the main thing in commom; There is only one GOD! None of us know for sure 100% of which religion is truly correct. We only go by how we were taught as children. One thing I’m pretty sure of is God wouldn’t like all of these nasty comments being thrown at each other nor the threats either. But if you are so angry about the portraits not being what Jesus really looks like well here’s something for thinking about; Do you really look like the image that I have in my mind of you all? I can’t see you either just like you can’t see God or Jesus! I can tell you that some of the images that I’m seeing are not very nice ones. Is that really you? Is this how you really look in reality? I sure hope not! But this is what you have left in my mind by your statements to each other! So for the most the portraits are at least nice pictures of Christ and God! So whoever painted them at least had a clean mind with pure thoughts even if the pictures aren’t really what the divine person looked like. Just think about it. And PLEASE try to be nice to one another!

  • Vivian says:

    Divya, would your God REALLY like it that you just told someone to go KILL themselves? I do believe that he said to “Love one another as I have loved you”! Is this how you think that He loves you? Would He tell you to go smash your head against something just because you don’t see his beliefs like He would want you to? Christians that are true Christians never wish death or harm upon anyone else! Think about it!

  • Vivian says:

    I would also like to know that answer and how it is that Jessica really knows?

  • Vivian says:

    I do agree, Justin!

  • Vivian says:

    Michael, for one the most people over in the Middle East are covered from head to toe with only their faces showing. So therefore their bodies are shielded from the sun which would probably leave their skin that is covered looking a lighter shade maybe even white. But as I have never undressed one than I wouldn’t know for sure. But as for your racial slandering words, well it does show your beliefs in White Supremacy which is against the Word of God. He said love ONE another as I have loved you. So I guess as far as White Supremacy goes than you love nobody who’s skin is a different color than your own? May I ask what bloodlines run through your veins? Most Americans are mixed with many different race including American Indian evewn though some of us have blonde hair and blue eyes with white skin as myself. You must hate a lot of people. I’m proud of my mixed nationalities. It gives me the advantage of many different cultures not just one. A greater span of knowledge! So you only love those with WHITE skin? So I guess you would love the Albino Negroes, YES? They are very white skinned!

  • Anonymous says:


  • 7durtfyyyyyydf says:

    Justin its clled txt speak nd shes right Jesus IS our saviour and should not be made fun of

  • Emmanuel, Prince says:

    Jesus is the way and savior so whatever he did is the best because he knew what is going to happen today and tomorrow

  • Emmanuel, Prince says:


  • Jesus says:

    f you editors. You delete my comments, yet keep these ignorant, racist and deeply delusional ones.

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