Wine Tasting in South Africa

My blog header this month is taken at a winery in Stellenbosch, one of the historic wine areas of Cape Town, South Africa. Dr John Hewitson offered to give us a tour and, as a non-drinker, John was the perfect designated driver for the Stellenbosch Official Research Team which included Gabi and Jason and myself.

There are about 200 “wine farms” to visit but we only went to three: Uitkyk, Muratie and Beyerskloof. All the wines were fabulous, although I felt the ports needed more time than the South Africans afforded them. Best wine was the Shiraz from Muratie.

Special treat was meeting Beyers Truter of Beyerskloof who happened to be a Christian businessman and winemaker in a country where many Christians do not drink. I think his dog liked me.

Beyerskloof offers their flagship wine called Faith in which 50% of the profits go towards helping locals affected with fetal alcohol syndrome. Good to see a missional winemaker in Stellenbosch.


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