Our 1987 Brady Lampoon Wagon

Thanks America for our new car. And thanks to Whitney, Sam and Cat who together raised $1180 for our family to get a vacation-furlough vehicle. Its been 5 years since we have been back in USA as a family and we have a lot of people all over the country to thank for their support. And we have a lot of stories to tell. So we needed a vehicle badly.

Last weekend I went to an auction and bought our dream vehicle for $300. Its a 1987 Ford LTD Country Squire Wagon with very very low milage. [either 127k or 27k – the owner passed away this year and i don’t want to ask his widow]. Power everything and everything works. Even some “secret” seats in the rear that our kids discovered and have claimed as their own. It needed a little cleaning but now it shines.

That’s us with the Sheng family in Columbia MD. Tony helped us get the car.

Ain’t it sweet? My wife has blogged already on this Brady car.

This wagon will take us from here on the East Coast, over to Texas, up through Denver to Spokane, Portland, Seattle, hopefully Vancouver BC, and then down to San Francisco, Santa Cruz and LA. All in the next 3 months.

Here’s how we fitted it out with your gift of $1180

Car – $300
Buyers fee – $100
Temp registration tags-  $156
Something else at the auction – $35
Rubbing compound and cleaner – $6
12volt to 110volt inverter – $53 with tax
Waterproof roof bag – $47 with tax
4 coffee cup holders – $5
new battery – $75
insurance – $300

Total – $1077

Add two tanks of gas and that brings us to the total  – WOW!!! Your gift has enabled our family to get some wheels for our mission furlough. Much thanks to everyone!!!!!

Next project, if you missed out on this one, is to help towards my plane ticket to Lausanne World Congress in Cape Town next week. $1700. Yes, its sad but true, I do not have an official sponsor. Yet.


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