Lausanne World Congress: Registration

Well I made it to Cape Town and right now I am at the Congress center. Registration for the Lausanne World Congress continues. I heard there might be up to 5500 but we will have to wait and see. 200 Chinese house church leaders were prevented in coming so that adds a little sadness to the whole event.

Very well organized here. Friendly people. And lots of friends turning up including . .

Gaby from Budapest, who you will have met on my blog from our various leadership roundtables in Europe. Gaby is one of the younger crowd here at Lasuanne

And on the other hand, my friend Bill Taylor, who is one of the  . . . ah . . . great cheerleaders of Lausanne and a key influencer in the World Evangelical Alliance. The last time I saw Bill was in Malaysia for Great Commission Roundtable (2001) where many of us hooked up and began talking about what we would do in 2010.

I just got a free dinner pass which is good coz i hadn’t eaten all day. Nice to be here. Really.


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