New York: At Radical Living this Saturday

This Saturday night our family will be having dinner with Radical Living, a 'Christ-centered cohousing community' in Brooklyn, New York. You might have read about them in the New York Times in "Sharing the Faith, Splitting the Rent". They have invited us to tell our story "The Motorbike in the Middle of our Kitchen", something our kids have started to put together and a story that will probably be told all over USA over the next 3 months as we drive coast to coast.


Some other friends will be there also including Sasa Flek from Prague, whose Bible translation was the best selling book in Czech Republic last year, and Becky Garrison who is about to go on a book tour for her latest work Jesus Died for This?, a book that calls me a "granola crunching hippie", a misleading and degrading accusation which I have strengously disagreed with at length. I will have HARSH words for her on Saturday, over dinner.

I hope we are having granola.


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Jimmy_C says:

    You are a granola crunching Kiwi hippie…she should get it right

  • What’s wrong with granola anyway?

  • Dang it…… wish i could be in NYC for that one! Give my luv to Becky and Sasha… sounds kewl. Oh, and Andrew…. you are on crepe duty when you get to Austin. (Sam hasn’t tried it yet, but Lizzy has) oh, Lizzy and Jessica will be in for a Sweet Notions Event on Sunday.. (they are coming in friday night) So SKYPE or CALL… 2 of yer kids in the same spot! I might have to hit Lizzy up for some crepes!
    Can’t wait to see you. Mucho luv! xo

  • There’s nothing wrong with granola per se – it’s when you add crunchy into the mix. And Yeah, I should have added kiwi but I did put that in somewhere. Just not next to the granola.
    I am not about to go on my book tour. I have been traveling since September on what I call a listening tour to chat up with folks what’s going on, see where next book should be (that’s starting to shape up – hopefully relate to Xn and Muslim relations given my myriad of experiences coupled with the fact that this is a very serious issue.
    Cathryn – I want an Andrew crepe. As you know, working on getting Andrew invited where I am doing stuff. 🙂 So you’ll get both of us for a bit.

  • Andrew says:

    Andrew crepes are very possible on Sunday morning, if they let me into the kitchen. I am very happy to make them for everyone there. really.

  • I have to leave by 9:30am so I can get to Metro Hope Church in Harlem where I’m doing a meditation from the book. I’ll remind Jason about crepes.

  • You know i’ll let you in the Kitchen… and i’ll put Jenna & Sam on clean up detail. So cook away. We could also do some amazing steak on the grill too! So lets have a feast.

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