Lausanne 3: Its gonna be BIG!

Are you coming to Cape Town for Lausanne 3 next month? Let me know, and leave a link below to your blog and connect with me on the Lausanne conversation site. Maybe we could get together in Cape Town.

There is already a lot of buzz about Lausanne 3 and I think its going to be HUGE. I remember when we were discussing the possibilities of a big mission event(s) for 2010 back in Malaysia at the Great Commission Roundtable (2001). Many of us committed ourselves to work towards these events in Edinburgh and other places. And as it worked out, Lausanne 3 will most likely be the BIG ONE that captures the attention of the global church and the Lausanne blog will be a good way to track what happens. So will the @capetown2010 Twitter hashtag.
So, as you already know, I will be there along with 4000 others. I will be blogging the big event and speaking a few times in various events connected to these celebrations and discussions. I have also been asked to be the official blogger for a well known magazine but that is not finalized yet so I cant give details. But I will when the time is right.

Also, the Lausanne organizers are searching for some people who understand the flow of social media and can track the conversation as it spreads. You could do that from wherever you are. If that’s you, email me for details.

More history on Lausanne 3 here.


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