Blog A Koran Day [Sep 11]

Hey bloggers! Join me on September 11 to BLOG A KORAN and help me create some understanding with our Muslim neighbors. I think what Terry Jones is doing by suggesting a Burn The Koran Day is ABSOLUTELY AWFUL and SHAMEFUL and HARMFUL to Christians overseas. In that last category I include myself and my family who spent 3 months in Muslim countries already this year and plan to visit at least 3 more Muslim countries next year. And most unfortunately, our last name is also “Jones”. People in Muslim countries are a wonderful, hospitable people who welcomed us warmly into their homes and they became our dear friends.

On Sep 11, I am going put up a post on a verse from the Koran that I found helpful in understanding the Muslim worldview and understanding of Allah. Earlier this year I started reading through the Koran in order to have some deeper spiritual discussions with my Muslim friends, and in doing so I found some interesting verses that help me appreciate where Muslims are coming from. I will choose one of them for the 11th.

Can you do the same????

If you can, leave a comment below with a link to your blog and I will compile a list of Blog A Koran Day bloggers for Sep 11. Christians and Muslims have got along for hundreds of years without burning each others holy books. What has been happening recently is stupid and dangerous and we should put an end to it.

And if you are fluent in Arabic and are willing to translate my post and a few others, please also leave a comment and your email below.


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