Jesus Freaks Cologne this Sunday at 7pm

Rock n' roll religionI am speaking at the Jesus Freak church in Cologne, Germany, this Sunday night at 7pm. Come over and say hello if you live in the area. And check out this article on the Jesus Freaks that talks about their history.


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  • What if the emerging church never really emerges to become the Body of Christ? What if all their efforts to be as worldly as possible and yet be, ‘saved’ is really just hypocrisy? The Holy Spirit did a work in the 60’s and 70’s and people either grew up and got healed and became elders, or they stayed ‘freaks’ and just dropped out of society. Jesus came to heal. Jesus came for the broken-hearted. Jesus came to set the captives free. if you are still in a worldly mould then you are not free ~ get healed quickly, because the Lord is spitting out those who want to remain babies. There is a war going on. He is recruiting those who are willing to fight, in HIS armor, in His righteousness. But those who are still worldly He cannot put His amor onto and the devil will pick them off.
    Emerge now, come into the Light, do not fellowship with darkness and put off those stinking burial clothes!

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