Podcasts: Exploring Faith from a Global Perspective

Becky Garrison is releasing a series of podcasts on the theme of her new book Jesus
Died 4 This?
The first podcasts include an interview with me that Becky did last year in Poland at our Roundtable for emerging church leaders. Its called “Exploring Faith from a Global Perspective” and when you have finished listening, check out the other podcasts that include my friends Trevor McPherson (Canada) and Florian Honisch (Germany)

And get the book – Jesus Died 4 This: A Satirists Search for the Risen Christ. Its really good. In fact, I think Christian satire is one of the bright hopes for the future of Christian publishing and this book does it well. Except when Becky calls me a “granola crunching hippie” which I have to disagree strongly with – I crunch on potato chips, not granola! But the rest of the book is great!


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Katja says:

    Florian Hoenisch is in this case actually called Henrik Begemann 😉
    Looking forward to meet you and your family on freakstock …

  • becky says:

    Yep Katja you are right – I sent the email re: this to Florian as I didn’t have Henrik’s email address. But it’s clear I interviewed Henrik about Freakstock. 🙂
    Andrew – If I said you ate potato chips that would imply that you are a couch potato. And I didn’t use the word “crunching” – what I said was “at first glance, this contemporary hippie may come off as a bit too granola and generous–preaching peace and passing out daises. But hang around this Tall Skinny Kiwi for a while and you’ll realize he might look like a Jesus Freak but he’s definitely not stuck in the sixties.”
    In lieu of the usual experts quoted here in the US as the go-to guys for new forms of church I quote Jonny Baker and Andrew. That’s one way I was trying to shift the paradigms and get folks seeing with new lenses. So, I will take full responsibility if Andrew starts to get a big head for being touted as an “expert.” 🙂 🙂
    BTW-I am holing off launching additional podcasts a bit until this gets approved by iTunes. I had to prep an episode in order to submit it to them. Future interviews include Jonny Baker, Ian Nicholson (24/7 Prayer), Steve Hollinghurst, Mark Berry, Jeannine Otis, Mark Fletcher, Steve Collins, David Hayward (Naked Pastor)… except for a few folks like Phyllis Tickle, most of the folks are names that aren’t bandied about here in US circles. And that’s the point. 🙂

  • becky says:

    Andrew – your podcast is up on i-Tunes.
    Henrik and Trevor’s podcast aren’t posted – I assume this means they won’t upload more than 1 per day. Good to know moving forward that I can only load one at a time.

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