Scary Facebook Friend Requests

Some of my recent friend requests on Facebook have been quite SCARY:

I accepted this one  . . .

and even this one . . .

but not this one!

UPDATE: Ok I just looked this last guy up and apparently he does a stage production of Charles Spurgeon and does NOT actually look like this all the time. Now he is my friend.


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  • John8com says:


  • Ah – now I know where my creepy requests are coming from. As a rule of thumb, I add everyone unless we have no friends in common. Then I send them a note and if they respond, I add them anyway. Should they start say sending out too much spam and pleas for money, I tend to then unfriend them.

  • brambonius says:

    they might be undercover spies from the FBI, or some christianity-unfriendly regime…

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