Rocking the Cradle: Historical Adventures in Deep Ecclesiology

Lake Ohrid, Macedonia. Its really beautiful here and I am looking forward to the Balkan Connect gathering that has just started.


I get to flap my lips tomorrow with a look at some of the movements that have shaped the church and brought us up to this moment, in particular the emerging church movement that started in the mid-late 80's as isolated experiments and "hopeful rumors", expanded to national organizations and networks in the 90's, and since the countries started collaborating together a decade ago, has created this funny-messy-delightful-frustrating situation we now find ourselves in. I have entitled it "Rocking the Cradle" as a respectful nod to the President's talk on religion here in Lake Ohrid last week. He called this area a spiritual cradle for the world – which it is, and has been for many centuries. Time to wake up the sleeping church. Time to rock the cradle!

Cant wait to meet all the young people here and listen to the stories of what God is doing around the Balkans.


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