More random things

1. The Lord’s Prayer in Elvish

2. Twible.

Jana Reiss is twittering her way through the Bible in one year. 140 characters or less each morning, just as USA Today told us. Check out #twible on twitter.


3. Name the movie.

Daniel Downey gave me permission to blog the intriguing email he sent me this morning.

Hey Andrew, Hope that you are well. We met once upon a time at a conference in Budapest.

Hey, here are my whimsical thoughts about seed planting which came to mind after listening to John MacArthur’s sermon.No pressure to listen, I’m sure that you’re quite busy. I posted it on facebook and gave a bottle of wine to the first person who figured out the name of the movie that I hid in the sermon. There are 19 clues that point to the movie.


Daniel Downey

Rain Must Fall



4. A movie to reclaim Mothers Day

With $14 billion spent on Mother’s Day, have we’ve lost touch a bit with the Mother’s Day story? Pastor Ron Lewis looks into the beginnings of America’s Mother’s Day and invites us to reclaim it’s original proclamations.


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