Bruce Waltke and Evolution: Just one thing I wanna know

I have followed the resignation of Professor Bruce Waltke that resulted from his pro-evolution talk on the video, the stories and explanations about what was said on the video, the bloggers speculating on the impact of the video. Now maybe I am shallow, or too curious, or maybe its the blogger in me . . . but I just want to know one thing:

Where is that damn video?

missing video bruce waltke


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  • So sad that the church feels that by stifling the discussions on these subjects they are protecting their faith. Any position on faith in relation to the world should be vigourously and actively debated, it should be able to stand up to scrutiny, and people should be able to disagree on interpretations. I agree that there are some absolutes, such as Jesus died on the cross for our sins. But how much else that some take as absolutes are not really absolutes but a different expression of our living faith?
    I feel very sorry for Bruce Waltke, I do pray he finds a home where he can express his faith more openly, without fear of criticism.

  • You can follow Biologos on Facebook/Twitter – they release each video upon posting.
    It’s a shame to see that done to a man who has given so much throughout his life.
    Hope he is in a better institution.

  • I wouldn’t call the video pro-evolution, only pro-thoughtfulness. He calls Chistians to take seriously the scientific conversation.

  • Marc is correct. The video was taken down at Biologos at Waltke’s request. Unless someone captured it and posts it again, I doubt we’ll ever see it. I watched it twice I found it to be mild judicious attempt to get folks to consider evolution.

  • This stuff just always blows my mind. Anyway – you know, Andrew, dude could always get a job a Catholic school. No problem. 🙂

  • There is a portion of the video on this newscast, at about the 45 second mark.
    Dr. Waltke has since written a note indicating that he spoke imprudently (cannot recall his exact descriptor)… I am at work, so cannot take the time to track down the clarification. There are also some transcripts online of the relevant portion… again cannot provide right now. Personally, I liked the ‘imprudent’ version better… and it has not hurt my faith in the least 🙂

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