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Still alive and enjoying Africa. I found a wifi signal so . . . some thoughts on stuff:

Alexander McQueen found dead. He was one of my favourite postmodern fashion designers, although I could never afford any of his pieces. He was also the major inspiration behind some of my Japanese designer friends. I loved the element of playfulness in his work. Great fabrics also. I didn’t realize his real name was Lee McQueen.

Church Marketing Sucks offers some good advice on how your church can handle a media attack in light of the Ed Young issues this week.

Apple’s iPad seems like a larger iPod but not much better since it depends on the same apps. Why buy it when you can have an iPod touch for a third of the price?


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  • Sinner says:

    Hi,Yeah Alexander McQueen is all over the news here,
    I`m going to Tanzania in April so I`m following your adventures closely,stay safe.

  • That is a severely lacking assessment of the iPad.
    While you are right that out of the box the iPad will be able to utilize all the apps currently available for the iPod Touch, but it doesn’t end there.
    In the same way that there was a creative explosion of apps for the iPhone there is the same potential for a creative explosion specifically for the iPad. Larger display, more powerful processor, updated SDK that allows more powerful UI functions.
    I guarantee there will be killer apps and killer content (completely new forms of media that fuse audio/video/text. Imagine an author being able to publish a book with an integrated soundtrack, or interactive animations) for the iPad that we can’t even fathom at this point.
    That being said, I’m not buying until 2.0 hardware. 🙂

  • Amy Mac says:

    I’m so sad about Alexander McQueen. He was a genius, a true artist–and highly symbolic of where the fashion world hurts. Plus although I couldn’t afford them, I tried on some of his clothes in Antwerp–very beautiful, well-tailored, British, intellectual but upside-down funky clothes. He and Dries Van Noten are my favorites.
    The iPad–I was skeptical–but I wonder if the iPhone/iPod touch were leading to it. A different kind of computing platform. I think it’s a bridge to something else. Interesting blog about it here–
    miss you guys!

  • good to hear an update…
    Saddens me that brilliance and depression tend to go hand in hand……… read some stuff on McQueen tonight….
    iPad…… temptation- i flee. lol
    blessings ya all………

  • The responding to media attacks is an interesting article. While some ministries deserve scrutiny, we will continue to see the world — who doesnt understand us — attack us.
    And we need to be prepared!
    “Salt and Light” – Red Letter Believers

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