What to call those new fandanged churches?

New churches are popping up everywhere and have been ever since the church planting movement began to take shape two decades ago. If you are looking for a good phrase that describes then, sorry, you are out of luck. Stuart Murray Williams gives a little historical perspective of these new fandangled churches and lists 8 phrases we have used to describe them:

– Missionary congregations
– Church planting

– Missional church

– New ways of being church

– Emerging church

– Emergent church

– Mission-shaped church

– Fresh Expressions


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  • Then there’s “new forms of church” – it seems to me that we’re most inclined to want to label something when we’re trying to figure out how to market the message esp. true when one tries to operate within the US publishing world. Hopefully with all the decentralization that’s happened, we can focus on more on being the body of Christ than whatever we choose to call what we’re doing.

  • Here are four more apt phrases:
    – Tragically Hip-sters
    – So Fivers (as in “So five minutes ago.”)
    – Poseur Central
    – Fishers of Trends

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