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The Rise and Fall of Media getting discussed in the blogosphere today.

– A friend is looking for the full version of Rich Mullins – Homeless Man video for me. Short versions on youtube. Worth Watching.

– DELIGHTED to see my wife and kids give some polish to our family’s travel blog.maggie.png

– Watching my last twitter get retweeted. I thought it was funny too. Here it is:

“Tz mrcy all, imnz & free, 4 OMG it fnd out me. (If Charles Wesley could Twitter, No. 1)”

– Still deciding if my wife and I should sign the Manhattan Declaration. We agree with it in principle but are not sure what message it gives by the act of signing it.

– We played Keith Green’s video Asleep in the Light (1982) after a conversation about the tragically unconscious state of the church, especially when it comes to passing on the good news. Everyone should watch the Keith Green story on youtube. Really.

– Cant believe my friend Shane Claiborne appeared on Esquire because he is one the worst dressed guys I know – he insists on making his own clothes and it shows – but then what do I know about fashion? And he is speaking about more than fashion so there . . . HT: Mark P

– Just heard from a faith-based Foundation that they would match donations from other Foundations towards our mission projects around Europe next year. Great news!!!! Now to find them.

– Big thing this week for us is hosting Rock on Christmas festival. We finished painting the warehouse yesterday. We got the warehouse for nothing but it needed a lot of work. Photos at  Jonesberries.

– Reading through Genesis and Hebrews, chasing down the idea of church and God’s temple of living stones as it relates to Jacob’s standing stone at Bethel, and the 12 standing stones that Moses erected. I think our ecclesiology would be a lot different if we started reading Hebrews and then went over to Acts to see it played out, rather than starting with Acts and being dumbfounded by Hebrews.

– I am cranking up my Arkaos VJ 3.5 software for this weekend’s festival. 90 minutes of video. Some of it we are filming around this city and mixing it up for transitions and eye candy, as well as introductions to the bands. Unfortunately, I am having a problem when it goes to full screen. Must be time to upgrade.


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Re: the Manhattan Declaration, I fear the negative impact of it will out weigh the very minor positive impact (which I am still trying to figure out). The world does not need another declaration of what we are against, but a living alternative embodying what we embrace. Just my two cents.

  • Mark Shivers says:

    nice on the keith green props…

  • re: Manhattan Declaration, here’s how I resolved my own ambivalence:

    The Manhattan Declaration – yes & no

  • Roger says:

    Agree on the Keith Green stuff. But I would go a step further – read the book “No Compromise” and read it often.

  • Tsk says:

    Roger I read the book a long time ago . A lot of us are overseas now because of keiths message – Jesus commands us to go

  • PLZ don’t sign that Manhattan Declaration, Andrew. As a queer Christ-follower, it EXCLUDES my marriage! i find that too many Christians in the USA want a theocracy because they already have freedom of religion. They are trying to impose their interpretations of the Bible and their religious beliefs upon our entire nation. There is no respect for other religions, atheists and agnostics. These people are NOT the only Christians around. Their mentality is an us v. them one that gets us nowhere. Many voices should be welcome at the table and o think one particular way of believeing is the only way is idolatry!

  • roger says:

    TSK – Thanks for the additional reminder of our call. I’m getting the bug put in my ear regularly about a trip our folks are doing to Ireland in the summer for a serve the city project. Haven’t had any clear call until recent weeks – your simple reminder and my thumbing back through No Compromise may have me hearing more clearly. I’ll get to see our good friend KN!

  • Eric says:

    I just watched the Keith Green video (and recommend No Compromise). What an amazing short life he had. A major inspiration for the next 20 years of western Christian music, and now that we are in the digital era it’s a lot more feasible not to charge for music.

  • Keith says:

    About you friend Shane in the Esquire piece, keep in mind that the early church started their message with repentance and faith not the message of love, yes I know that God’s love in Jesus, provided a means to repent and believe. But its like telling someone that you love them and have a cure for a disease that they don’t believe that they have. First provide a context for the cure, by showing them the disease, which will only enhance their desire for the cure, which I believe provides the greatest background for the message of God’s love.

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