Emerging Church and Black Rimmed Glasses

Here’s one for the theologs. Guess the person behind the black rimmed glasses? Answer at the end of the post.

tony jones, rob bell karl barth

From the fantastical mind of Todd Heistand, Karl Barth has a beer and a smoke and a chat with emerging church leaders. Nice post, although I cant imagine a room full of emerging church leaders hanging in a German pub with Karl Barth WITHOUT the majority of them being German and not American. And I say that from being in many of those meetings in Germany, hanging with the Germans, although without Karl Barth.

And if I was blogging it, as I was in Todd’s dream, I would no doubt discuss Barth’s impact on missiology more than theology, in particular his understanding of ‘missio dei” that would later inform the idea in its current incarnation as “missional”. More on that here. Besides, that, good post Todd!

Who’s behind the glasses? Tony Jones, Rob Bell, and, you guessed it . . . Karl Barth.


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