Who’s Got the Skinny?

DJ Chaung has the skinny on the Deadly Viper controversy with his post called Asian Americans dont look or think alike. Also read Eugene Cho’s letter to Zondervan and the authors of the book that is now pulled off the shelves.

Khayna blog has the skinny on at the ecclesiology of Father Daniel Syosyev, murdered last week in Russia, with The Church as the Liberated Zone


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  • It is such a pity that this image has been misunderstood. From what I have read it doesn’t look like any offence was meant to oriental people.

  • Dan Ra says:

    oriental people…?
    david derbyshire, clearly you didn’t mean any offence by your outdated and pejorative use of oriental.

  • Tsk says:

    Dan, why would u assume that? It’s true David was born on the occidental side of the world but I was born on the oriental and I take no offence. In fact, I quite enjoy having a different perspective on things and some people find that refreshing.

  • Dan Ra says:

    The point is that the term ‘oriental’ is considered by many of us Asian Americans to be a pejorative and, dare I say, imperialistic term.
    See: http://www.modelminority.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=183

  • andrew says:

    Thanks Dan. But from what I understand, the word is not offensive when used by Europeans and the English – and David is English.
    Do you think the English should adopt the American understanding of this word and its corresponding usage?
    And don’t “Oriental” and “Asian” both mean “from the east”?

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