Mission Ship MV Doulos will stop sailing

The famous missionary ship MV Doulos will cease operations at the end of this year. This is a great pity but understandable given the age of the ship – its the world’s oldest ocean-going passenger ship.

mv doulos operation mobilization mission ship

““We recognise God’s faithfulness through these 32 years of wonderful service of the ‘servant’—Doulos — as an outstanding OM ministry, through more than 600 port visits in over 100 countries. Many lives have been transformed, both visitors and those who have served on board.” CEO Peter Nicoll, Doulos Updates

I was last on the MV Doulos in Perth, Western Australia. So many memories. Such a great ministry. This will be devasting news for many.

HT: My dear friend John Satterly, who joined OM Ships the same time I did (MV Logos, 1985) and now gives leadership to the MV Doulos at the HQ in Mosbach, Germany, emailed this morning.

John writes: “Dear friends,It is with shock and sadness we pass on news about the Doulos.We need your PRAYERS for the many hundreds of people personally affected and for all the major decisions that now need to be faced very quickly”.


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  • Lee G says:

    aw, sad day. i visited it as a little kid and then as a teen- great memories and a beautiful community 🙂

  • Emily Arthur says:

    I really feel so sad to hear about the MV Doulos …. what happened?
    After all these years of ministry.. have always dreamt of one day joinin’ this mission… really sad… Will keep all in prayer… thank you all for the wonderful ministry in touchin’ lives all around the world. God bless.

  • andrew says:

    Emily, you can still join the Logos Hope. same group, different ship.

  • Emily Arthur says:

    Andrew,thx for the information…never knew abt the Logos Hope till now, heard abt Logos n LogosII Will always remember MVDoulos… : )
    God Bless.

  • Jacob Thomas says:

    If they are stopping MV Doulos, should’nt they be continuing their Christian missionary service with another ship which is more modernised?
    Jacob Thomas

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