Joining the Redumptancy Club

eek! I wrote this post, published it and then WOPPP it was gone! Dang. Let me try to write something similar.

This morning I received a letter from my employer, Church Mission Society. There have been some massive cut-backs recently due to the financial downturn, but I have managed successfully to avoid them – not bad for the new guy on the block and for a Baptist who is unconvincingly Anglican. But the crisis has caught with me and today I received an apologetic letter saying that I have been made redundant effective February 2010.


REDUNDANT!! . . . AHHH!!! . . WHY ME?? . . .WHY???

Actually, it was no surprise. They had informed me a while ago, in a sensitive, almost painfully apologetic way that only the English can pull off. In fact, CMS have been overwhelmingly supportive and are pursuing ways that will enable us to continue our partnership in ministry, but with us raising the support from people and not them. “Mission Partner” is the name for it. In some ways, we had already starting this a few months ago when the other half of our funding fell through – another sob story that i won’t lay on you the day before Thanksgiving. Those of you who receive our email have the skinny on how to support us with more than prayer.

Anyway. Its a hard thing to receive a redundancy letter, despite how nice your employer has been about it. Its like getting dumped by a girlfriend. Its a blow to your ego. It whispers insulting challenges to your accomplishments, It highlights the ‘dunce’ part of ‘redundancy’ when you say the word too many times in the same sentence.

But on the positive side, I have coined a new word: “Redumptancy”

And not only this, but I have also empathetically joined the ranks of others in The Redumptancy Club who have, like me, become victims of this world-famous recession. We share in the same disappointment of lost security, a fresh wave of personal humility, a similar journey of faith into dependance on God and the bubbling exhilaration of anticipating the new opportunity around the corner.

God loves corners. We should not avoid them.

God speaks to people in transitions. We should not fear them.

If you ask me “What changes will you make?” I can only say that, since God provides and has provided all we have needed for the past 25 years of mission service, we will continue to seek and equip young leaders around the world to fulfill the Great Commission. Because of the financial downturn, we have already made drastic cuts in our lifestyle, have already replaced the car with bikes, have already reduced our budget to a barebones level, and now run a pretty tight ship – or in this case, a truck. The next step is not cutting back more but getting more support from more partners. I think.

Who else has become a recent member of The Redumptancy Club? Should we lift each other into the next chapter?

OK – that is pretty much what i wrote. I am sure the original was more eloquent and appreciative of CMS – who have been wonderful bedfellows these past 3.6 years – but that’s it. Now you have the skinny.


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Pam Smith says:

    Me too – our funding ran out at the end of August and I’m currently seeking the right model to continue what I believe is really important work.
    Many prayers.

  • Tsk says:

    Hi pam. Thanks for coming to my pity party today. Prayers for u as well.

  • Caroline says:

    Much sympathy. My husband’s contract ended in the summer. He may be about to get a new one, but we’re not counting any chickens until we can see the colour of their eyes.
    I’ve always had trouble getting people to pay me to do the things that I want to do, although they are very happy for me to do them!

  • Pam Smith says:

    It’s a privilege to be at your pity party 😀
    Let me know next time you’re throwing one!

  • Kerstin Hack says:

    How weird that life goes up and down…For me this year was the fest year in my life….maybe because I am my own boss?
    [I don´t know how to spell redundancy, but promise: I won´t ever make you and your clan redundant in your most important job: being my friends….Will pay salaries in hugs, muesli and a steak from time to time]

  • brambonius says:

    I didn’t even know the word ‘redundant’ (as a dutch speaking with english as second language) but even when you don’t know the meaning it sounds terrible…
    I’m unemployed myself right now, and figuring out what I can do with my life for the Kingdom. The only support I have right now is prayer I am affraid. (can you put me on your email list? bramc777[at] Though I hope I’ll be able to pay back the inspiration you gave me when we met in real life (and through your blog)

  • Marc says:

    My empathy, Andrew. We’re pretty much in a similar situation, with serious cutbacks in our support. As you say… more simplicity, more dependency on God, more resourcefulness, and more hope for new life and opportunities around the corner.

  • becky says:

    Prayers with you Andrew – this publishing downturn has been rough. The Door is not opening any time soon and the shift from print to web means less money by a long shot.
    What I’ve done is learn to be Benedictine by simplifying – donate/sell books when done, use ebay to buy/sell items, and other moves that help me discover the joy of having less.

  • Chris says:

    Have you thought about using an online / membership strategy the way that relatively well known design bloggers Jason Kottke and Dan Gruber did a few years back. I’ve only just re-discovered your blog but I imagine that you would have a massive reader database.

  • Rudy says:

    I’m keeping up with you, Andrew. Thanks for this update. What’s up with your book (hmm, maybe I can answer that myself if I search through this blog’s archives…)

  • Kirk Bartha says:

    I had a friend visit me recently, on my birthday now that I recall, who told me it was encouraging for him to see our family receiving out of the mystery of God. He said, “Kirk, you can go on receiving out of the mystery of God, or you can get a cheque cut every week… same God, but I like seeing how your family is receiving from God.” This past year we were at the food bank six times while I was writing. One of my lines in Clairvaux Manifesto goes something like, “How can we make poverty history if we’re not willing to stand in solidarity with the poorest of the poor in every way ourselves?” So.. I feel your pain, and look forward to seeing you receive out of the mystery of who God is! Many blessing brother. Take care.

  • As a YWAMer of 15 years, I am seeing our family missions support slip down that slope faster than I am comfortable with. Trusting in God and praying with you all!

  • Steve K. says:

    Today is day one of my own unemployment, so I share with you in your sense of trepidation and excitement about the future. I’ll be praying for you all as you seek God’s direction and provision for the future, and I appreciate your prayers for me and my family as well!

  • Andrew Graystone says:

    Been there. Twice. My prayers for each of you tsk and you Pam. A new day will dawn.

  • maggi says:

    sorry to hear that, Andrew – prayers for you and yours.

  • being both unemployed, maybe we should start “the tall skinny kiwi & average-height fat american cafe” or something.

  • david says:

    Hi Andrew, As a fellow redumptant CMS colleague who is also beginning to explore the MP route I empathise with you. I actually officially finished on 31st October…. The same day our baby boy Zane was born… A corner alright! God’s timing!

  • Tsk says:

    Hi David. I habe thought of you and prayed for you a number of Times’is recently. Expecting God to open up a new and better future soon.

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