The Sanitary Pad Blog Post

Elizabeth beat out 1500 applicants to receive the Echoing Green award for her Big Idea . . .which was . . . to tackle the problem of young girls missing school in Africa because they were menstrating.

n164849765405_4296.jpgHer solution involved “amplifying girls’ and women’s economic potential by launching female-run franchises that manufacture and distribute low priced, high-quality, environmentally-friendly sanitary pads.” Her idea became a reality and its called Sustainable Health Development (SHE)

She is talking now, here at The Feast, about her social enterprise and noting that words like “menstration” and “sanitary pads” make guys feel uncomfortable [not me!!] so she is helping us all “shake it out” by having us shout out the words. Hey . . . I can do that right here on the blog. MENSTRATION!!!! SANITARY PADS!!! There you go. Not too hard at all.

Challenge: Do your homework before you pitch your idea. Elizabeth did and it worked. And her enterprise is working also. Check it out on Facebook and the current campign

Trivia: is the official Home of the Menstrual Museum

BTW: This is the first post on TallSkinnyKiwi that has used the tag “menstration” and will probably be the only one. Period. I mean full stop.


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  • steve. you and your wife are twitter stars. your feastongood twitters were on the big screen when we all arrived. i walked in and said to Annie Duke (who i mistook for one of my friends and she mistook me for her husband) . . i said .. “hey i know steve knight!”
    and your wife’s tweets have also played in my tweetdeck today.
    you guys are omnipresent.
    and no – no series on that topic. but if there was a series, i would do it monthly.

  • not that it’s a big deal necessarily but SHE actually stands fro Sexual Health Enterprises (not development as you write in your post).
    It makes sense for a man who has more oestrogen than normal in his life to be writing about these things. 😉

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