Camping out at Greenbelt Festival, again.

We arrived yesterday at Greenbelt Festival and have set up a campsite for 40 people. If you want to visit, look for our big truck (picture below) and teepee in J11 area, a 4 minute walk from the Big Top tent.


I will be speaking on Sunday, 30th August at 4pm in the CMS Marquee:

Kaleidoscope: Colourful Stories of Emerging Church across Europe, with “TallSkinnyKiwi”

The stories will be related to our last 6 months of travel across Europe and in particular, the leadership roundtable in Poland last month where we saw a whole lot of leaders from lots and lots of countries. I believe we are in a hinge of mission history that is really significant. Tell you more at Greenbelt. I might even bore ou with the details of how we do washing on the road which involves an old wash board, two tubs that shake our washing around while we drive, and our mangle which wrings them out. Ever feel like you have been through the wringer???


– Check out my perfect unbroken record of 7 years of attendance at Greenbelt:

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Greenbelt Photostream

Church Times recommends Sixpence as the band to see.


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