Who loves TSK?

This months banner is a photo taken last week in Lisbon, Portugal. My kids noticed graffiti with the initials "TSK" all over Lisbon. I am not condoning graffiti, but I do appreciate the advertising for the TallSkinnyKiwi blog.


We will be in Portugal for a few more days and then start our journey north, gradually winding our way through the European countries until we get to Turkey by the end of the summer. One of our main goals is to map out what God is doing in and beyond this continent. If you know of a new Christian movement that is seeing new churches start, please send me an email and some contact details.

Portugal has been a fantastic time. We have had loads of people visit us in our campsite, including Dutchman Marc Van der Woude, Nuno and Sara Soares (below), and of course many families of missionaries living in Portugal, and we have met many who launch out from here to North African countries where life is not easy for Christians – which means that I cant say who they are or where they go, in case I jeopardize the security of national believers in these countries. I hope you will forgive me for not telling my best stories on the blog but I am sure you understand.


Nuno and Sara and their daughter are part of a house church movement in Portugal that is not always understood by the traditional church. You can pray for greater understanding for them and others who are trying to figure out the way of Jesus in today's Portugal. Nuno found a mechanic who put our windows on our motorhome. Thanks Nuno. See you at the Roundtable in Poland.


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Eric says:

    Do you know what TSK stands for?
    In 1991 (I was 11) one of my friends was in a graffiti gang and in one lesson taught our class about the Adelaide graffiti scene. Individuals had tags of 4+ letters, or an abbreviated one of 2, while each group had a 3-letter abbreviation. My friend’s gang was SMV (sick minded vandals) and it was the most prominent group of the time. He showed us the styles of lettering and some of his pens. I was quite surprised that the teacher allowed him to give a lesson (with an explicit non-endorsement of vandalism); it was quite out of the ordinary for a boy of 12 to be doing this, and I don’t remember, for all of my schooling, any other time when a student gave any such special presentation (except situations when everyone had a turn at giving a talk), until I got to give 3 minutes of a uni physics lecture 6y later.

  • andrew says:

    not sure what it means in Portugal, but I know what it means to my kids who read it and yell out “tall skinny kiwi”
    if anyone is reading this from lisbon and they know what it stands for, please tell us.

  • Lilly Lewin says:

    love your new header! i’ve been out of blogland much too long…when is the round table in poland?
    and is it an open event? all your gatherings are fun and informative…so what’s the scoop?
    have a great day! and blessings to the whole crew from the lewin clan

  • Glenn says:

    Man, you know we all love you Mr. TSK — all over the world! (big grin)

  • becky says:

    There you go again, branding yourself globally. (big grin)

  • Dean Dods says:

    The latest one (street corner)is AWESOME Andrew!
    If this one was a magnet, it’d be on my fridge!
    Now you just need a spray can in your hand.

  • Gabi Nagy says:

    Good to know that you had a chance to hook up with Marc and Nuno and the christian surfers and the missionaries to NA and… will you come through Hungary any time soon???

  • Tsk says:

    Yes. Hoping for august. See u then.

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