Remembering GM

General Motor's bankruptcy is close to home for us because my father-in-law, who lives in Oregon, is retired from GM and we are not sure how this will affect his pension. Sounds like the government is stepping in to help which is good for us while we are traveling overseas.

Don Dunavant explores what the SBC can learn from the demise of GM

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Best GM car was the Corvette. My favorite as a kid was the early 70's Corvette because it looked like a shark but I think they look a bit tacky now. I actually preferred both Ford and Dodge to GM. What about you?

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  • Rodney Olsen says:

    I grew up loving Holdens, Australia’s GM brand.
    I really wanted to get a mid-70s era Torana but when I got my first car in 1980, the year I turned 17, it was a 1972 TC Ford Cortina.
    After that I had nothing but Fords until I went car free several years ago.
    These days my wife has a Toyota and I ride my Avanti carbon fibre road bike.
    (When all’s said and done, even though cars don’t interest me much these days, I still have a soft spot for Fords.)

  • andrew says:

    we had a 1963 holden EH and loved it to death. toranas were cool also.

  • Tim Wright says:

    65 Mustang Fastback Best car

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