Off to France

Its been a whirlwind week. Cooking for 20 a few days ago at our campsite and 17 the day before. I met with dozens of people during the week all doing fantastic things having to do with drug rehab and street ministry and fair trade (hi Greg) and yesterday in Bristol we had dinner with the Love Bristol crowd and talked about Glastonbury and more.

But now its off to France on a 1.00am ferry from Dover to Calais. Appreciate thoughts and prayers for us on our journey and for the next few days as we regroup and get our groove back. Yes, we have felt a little out-of-groove the last few days and need to splice our family back into the rhythm of God’s Spirit and under the safety of his favor. Ever been there??? Thanks.


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  • France is a great country! Très groovy et cool. I will pray for you guys. Please let us in on your itinerary in France – there are emerging groups in France, which I presume you are already aware of. Vive la France! (full disclosure: I am a direct descendent of a brave French guy who decided to emigrate to Canada in the 1600s with his family. Several generations (and large families!) later, here I am! So that makes me biased:)

  • France is cool, only tehy do speak french there… I did have french lessons (I live in belgium which is bilingual french-dutch) for years but it’s still a disater…
    Will you visit belgium also?

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