Controversial Product Names

How do I follow on from the previous post on PMS Coffee? Here are some more memorable product names that have crossed my attention.

We have just used a product in the UK to attach the insulation onto the side of our truck which came highly recommended by everyone. Its called Sticks Like Sh*t and we ended up buying a whole case of it. It works, just as it promises.


Not as interesting as the Australian engine starting fluid in a spray can. Its called “Start Ya Bastard” and it achieved the status of the most controversial product in 2008. The official official website has ringtones for your phone that are worth hearing.

Picture 6-6

If you want to read my thoughts on controversial words, check out Offensive Language: I think my mother taught me.

If you are interested in strange and weird products, check out what some church people have come up with on DarkRoastedBlend, like this one:

christian products


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