Update on Our Truck and Travels.

We are all working really hard on our 20 year old truck that will be our new home. Yesterday we stuck the first pieces of insulation inside the box and painted the guards. Today we have a group of teenagers helping us. I get to be the foreman. We are still aiming to be on the road by March 10 but there’s a lot of work to do.

Over the next few months, we should be in Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal and possibly Morocco. Heres a pic from last week with my daughter Tamara.




Andrew Jones has been blogging since 1997. He is based in San Francisco with his two daughters but also travels the globe to find compelling stories of early stage entrepreneurs changing their world. Sometimes he talks in the third person. Sometimes he even talks to himself and has been heard uttering the name "Precious" :-)


  • Andrew – you seem to be holding your child like she’s a suitcase.
    Have fun with the teens. Can’t wait to connect with you as the Spirit leads us.

  • good stuff….i’d love to drive around europe in that monster truck. do you have a map of where you’ve been and where you’re going?

  • no map because its not set in stone. we will be at certain places at certain times but we also want to be open to the Spirit’s leading and responsive to immediate needs at the requests of movements and churches.

  • a beast indeed. we are putting in bench seats so we can carry family and team – around 12 people in all. it will sleep 8 or 9 but we will have tents for the rest of team members to sleep in outside.
    actually, we will use tents for ourselves when we are able to.

  • Hi there Andrew,
    Great to read about this new chapter of the Jones family’s life book. You guys are truly honoring the meaning of the apostolic church. What are your plans for The Netherlands? When are you coming and is there some time to spent together or throw a party?
    Ronald (Dutch traveller)

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