Remembering Ted Haggard on the blogs.


Nov 3, 2006


Feb 5, 2009

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Its been a little over two years since Ted Haggard fell from evangelical grace and created such a buzz on the blogs. The recent blog activity is probably due to a special on American TV last week and appearance on Oprah. A lot of my friends have commented on John Smulo’s blog about the situation. Nice to see grace and forgiveness flowing. Another good and fair treatment is Christianity Today’s “Ted Haggard’s Facebook” by a former New Life Staffer. God bless Gayle who has stood with him. Right – time to let Ted and Gayle get on with their lives. Yeah?

Dumbell 15 Kg2 years ago I wrote a little blog post on my own experience with my dad who, like Ted, ended up in a similar mess and dragged our family with him into the crap. And I speak from experience when i say that, even though your parents may have done the dumbest things you can imagine, you don’t have to carry that dumbbell. Someone else wants to carry it. My post is called “Carrying Your Dad’s Dumbbell”.

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