Chinese blogosphere booming

Why blogs are hot in China – Here are some thoughts from Kato Yoshikazu on the Chinese blogosphere which hit over 100 million blogs in 2007 and is booming out of control. HT: ChurchCrunch

“Phenomenally-popular finance blogger Xu Xiaoming was the “hit king” of Chinese blogs in 2008 with 355 million hits. Other statistics predict that between 2012 and 2015, China will see blogs with hit counts of 1 billion.”

Those hit counts are huge. Back in 2005, I had some email contact with Edwyn Chan, China’s “blogfather” who feature on Wired mag. The Chinese blogs back then were tiny compared to some of these big hitters today. However, I have a gut feeling that phone-based micro-blogging will take some of the attention away from the blogs. Maybe more Chinese microbloggers and less superstars. What do you think?

– Also from China: four arrested house church leaders released due to international pressure. China Aid has the skinny.

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