Charismissional: Robbie Mac throws out a challenge to the charismatics and possibly coins a new word. HT: David Derbyshire. Well done. Lots of charismissionality to you.


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Tara Eastman says:

    I love the image posted here. It’s like looking at a cloud filled sky and looking for what image you see there, only the colors are in reverse.

  • OK…… really glad it’s being talked about – should i rephrase my CharisMystic to charismysticalmissional………. my only issue with the post is there are a bunch of us that are taking Holy Spirit outside the church stuff….. But then again, what i have been involved with doesn’t get headlines, and i kinda like it that way. More in prophetic stuff in strange settings…. like a few of my friends that have gone to new age conferences and set up a “dream interpretation” table… for those to come for FREE….. —- some really amazing stuff has come out of it… Ministry’s like John Paul Jackson “streams”- that takes stuff to a really cool level- but missional is more the focus.
    Ok, perhaps this weekend i’ll add more of my 2cents… but for now, the new job thing has got me knackered! So- i’m off to crash on the couch.
    But thanks for the link Andrew- it’s needed for a lot of churches… it’s a good to check the pulse and remind why it’s actually Beating in the first place.
    love and stuff,

  • Kurt says:

    I like the term! It is good to see that charismatic folks are becoming more involved in the missional conversation. As a ‘closet charismatic’ myself, i think that all mission should be empowered by the Holy Spirit. I will be anxious to see if the language sticks!

  • andrew says:

    my observation is that only in USA is there a charismatic/non-charismatic divide that spills over into emerging/missional church. Jump on a plane, leave the country, go anywhere and you will find the emerging church has always been connected to the charismatic movement in some way – either charismatic or most likely post-charismatic – but the two are really hard to separate.
    outside usa, its quite normal for ec/missional church to be involved in casting out demons, interpreting dreams, seeing physical reactions to prayer, gifts, etc, and without actually calling it charismatic. what used to be called charo is now considered normal practise.
    also, the missiology that many of us have been kicking around for years is influenced by pentecostal theology from the third world. in fact, sometimes, perhaps most of the time, there will be pentecostal missiology leaking down to missional practice on the ground, rather than the other way around.
    the global south, in case no one has noticed, is very pentecostal/charismatic and this has a huge effect on missional thinking and practice around the globe, including western countries.
    sorry for rambling on my own blog.

  • LoL… it’s your blog so ramble if you want to! Yeah agreed, –
    Tripp Fuller used to call me their “token charismatic” at Cohort meetings in NC….. – and if i hadn’t gone to one in a bit, he’d call me and tell me it was way toooooooooooo Baptist and to get my arse to a meeting … just to make it interesting. LOL. Since he’s the POMOPirate – i’d face walking the plank if i didn’t show…
    thankfully, i’m connected with some really cool ministries from NC to Florida… to NYC…. and the like, but it’s taken me a long time to find ’em… where Logos Word and Rhema were at least on the same playing field… even if it was Shirts vs Skins at times…. and if i were more Theo-Savy perhaps i could do a better job on the blog…… well, always room for growth.

  • linda says:

    my observation is that only in USA is there a charismatic/non-charismatic divide that spills over into emerging/missional church.
    this is very interesting andrew. i just might have to blog on it. as for using the term charisanything i’m a bit wary these days. after hanging out on the ooze for a few years and getting so beat up by the anti-charismatics there, i usually stick to the term post-charismatic. unfortunately, there seems to be a number of folks who got really messed up by charismatics and are now very much against it. i was never part of a full-fledged charismatic church, so i’m usually wanting to see more of the Spirit but without all the hoopla.

  • victoria says:

    I like this blog and yet sometimes I feel I should be reading quite a different blog…. one more basic. This one fuels my curiosity a bit too much! Really, perhaps I can be steered towards a blog or resources to understand more of the concepts and terms stated. I know about them; yes, but I want to really understand them. And I don’t. I don’t even understand the simple stuff.
    I love to look at church history and I want to know more about things like emerging/emergent church, etc. I’ve heard the terms missional and charismatic. My problem is I want to deeply understand it all and lack the depth of understanding I desire.
    At the moment, my slightly reformed mind is attempting to understand mystic, which to me seems to overlap some of the points addressed. I often have a difficult time with anything spirit, so obviously charismatic and mystic frighten me, and yet I see the importance of the Holy Spirit and to dismiss that part alters and distorts the faith I am attempting to embrace.
    I’ve so much to learn!
    I know I am not making any sense, but

  • andrew says:

    hi victoria. sorry if i assume too much. there are probably easier blogs to read than this one. i generally aim at christian leaders with a fair amount of experience and knowlege of Zion’s language. thanks for the reminder to keep it simple.

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