Wolfgang and Mercy Simson in da house

We just spent 3 days with Wolfgang and Mercy Simson, and two of their sons. Really great time. Wolfgang spoke at the local church and we hosted visitors at our Orkney apartment.


Debbie got to hang out with Mercy, who is the daughter of a well known Indian evangelist. Mercy blogs at While We Slept and she wants people to blog about their dreams – thus the title of her blog.


After nearly two years of waiting, The Starfish Manifesto by Wolfgang Simson, all 540 pages of it, was officially released . . . well . . . released into my computer through a flash drive. No one else has it. Just me! . . . ha ha . . . I am not giving away any secrets just yet but I will say that Wolfgang has moved on and forward, in many ways, since the release of his book Houses That Change the World. [PDF]



Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Eric says:

    I read the Starfish Manifesto last year. Then it was 187 pages, lots of challenges for the Church. So either he’s written more or the pages are smaller!

  • Andrew Jones says:

    hey – dont steal my thunder!!
    wolfgang put out a short summary, which is what you read – the full version is much bigger.
    good stuff, though, isnt it?

  • Nuno Barreto says:

    I guess he has used a bigger font, fortunately 🙂
    I have also read it, and except for some money stuff, it was a clarification of the vision I have, and of what we are doing in our group.

  • Rob says:

    . . . o.k., the font size is 10 point and the pages are 170 mm x 240 mm!!!! It is a lot of stuff, worth reading! It contains a bunch of cool stories and some great insights about what is happening right now in the kingdom of GOD! It was a awful lot of work and Wolfgang and Mercy are great people! My hope is, that the Manifesto is not just something to read, but it will change the (religious) world into a kingdom!!! O.k., o.k., don’t kill me right away!
    Greetings from a small town in southern Germany!

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