Tribal Generation in England this week


I am heading down to England this week to be part of the Tribal Generation event. Should be great. We will be exploring mission among and out of the emerging generation. The Latinos have a lot of energy and simplicity to their faith. We all need a bit of that sometimes. If you want to come along, the event is free and open to anyone. Thanks to Yeovil Community Church for their generosity and vision.

Tribal Generation is a fantastic global network. I first hooked up with the Latinos from Tribin 2000 at a DAWN event in Sheffield. Olgalvaro Bastos Jnr had come up from Brazil at the request of Wolfgang Fernandez and we figured out that what God was doing in the counterculture of Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru and other countries was extremely similar to what we were seeing in USA, UK, Europe and Japan, etc. So we started networking, collaborating, doing events together and we formed what became known as the Tribal Generation Global Team. Its just a really great network to be a part of and has grown to include many more countries that anyone predicted. Olgalvaro and I, along with others on the TG Global Team, have done gathering and training events in Japan, Prague, Texas, and even Cartegena, Colombia.

Olgalvaro blogs here – its a great blog, if you can read Portuguese. If you dont, you can read something I blogged about Olgalvaro here.

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