Graham Cray on Fresh Expressions

The subject of Fresh Expressions came up yesterday in the classroom. Cliff is a Methodist college and the Methodists have joined hands with the Anglicans in this project. We talked about the full spectrum of emerging church, with Fresh Expressions being on the more structurally conservative side – with many Fresh Expressions still having paid positions and using church buildings for services. Although even in the Fresh Expressions world, there is a lot of variety as this presentation by Graham Cray at Wycliffe will show. HT: Shane Tucker

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  • Ali says:

    hey man, you rocked the show. Was a honour to listen to your wisdom and knowledge these past few days. You inspired me and all of us to re-think the fundamentals of our belief in the church and that can only be a good thing moving forward. Thanks again and o I let you win at pool and look after the hoodie I want it back one day 😉

  • andrew says:

    hoodies mine. and next time we play i will not do it left handed.

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